France 1914 25 centimes

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
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This specimen is a common date of a series struck in France 1914-17 during World War One. It superseded a 25 centimes struck in nickel 1903-05 (F.168 and F.169) that lacked a central hole. This coin was in turn superseded by a copper-nickel issue 1917-37. During the war, the five and ten centimes denominations were also switched to this Lindauer design with the hole. This coin is very common in circulated condition but hard to find choice.

Recorded mintage: 941,133[1].

Specification: 5 g, nickel, 24 mm diameter, plain edge, designed by E. E. Lindauer (1869-1942).

Catalog reference: F.168/1, KM 865.


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