France 1851-A franc

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another specimen, from the Mountain Groan Collection
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This coin is an issue of the short-lived Second Republic of France (1848-52). It is known from three mints: Paris (mintmark "A", the vast majority), Bordeaux (mintmark "K", rare) and Strasbourg (mintmark "BB", scarce). The type is not difficult to find but is expensive in high grade. Oudiné's bust of Ceres was revived under the Third Republic and used on the franc 1871-95. All francs issued prior to 1859, including this one, were demonetized in 1869 to make way for the succeeding issue which was only .835 fine.

Specification: 23 mm diameter, 5 grams, .900 fine silver. Designed by Eugéne André Oudiné, 1810-1887.

Mintage: 637,132.

Catalog reference: F.211/9, KM 759.1.


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