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from the Mountain Groan Collection
France 1793BB sol rev 600.jpg

This coin was minted at Strasbourg, France, during the throes of the Revolution. 1793 was the year the king was tried and executed. Amid the chaos, large quantities of these copper sols were issued, along with six and twelve deniers (¼ and ½ sols). The 1791-93 issues bear the bust of the king but his ouster forced the removal of his portrait. The obverse shows the tablet of the law with the motto, "LES HOMMES SONT EGAUX DEVANT LA LOI," (all men are equal before the law) and the reverse shows the balnce scales of justice. This type was hurriedly and crudely made and is rarely found better than VG. This specimen may be a restrike.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: bronze or metal du cloche.

Catalog reference: KM 619.4.


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