France 1720-BB liard

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
France 1720BB liard rev 600.jpg

Shown is a liard au buste adolescent from the Strasbourg mint. The type was struck for France 1719-23; the mintages are unknown but 40,000,000 pieces were authorized and there is no reason to think the authorization was not fulfilled. The coin is common in low grade but scarce in nice condition, as coppers were beneath the notice of collectors of the period. Sols and demi-sols were also struck with this bust. No more liards were struck until 1767.

Recorded mintage: unknown but a common date.

Specification: 3.06 g, pure copper, 20-21 mm diameter, plain edge, designed by Norbert Roéttiers.

Catalog reference: Dr/4 no. 870, Dr/2 no. 573, KM 450.3.


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