France (1519-28) ecu d'or Fr-354

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Sincona sale 38, lot 1286
from the Stack's Bowers 2017 Collector's Choice sale, lot 72170
France SB517-72170r.jpg
Jean Elsen sale 141, lot 1064
southeast France at the end of the Hundred Years War
The first specimen was lot 1286 in Sincona sale 38 (Zurich, May 2017), where it sold for 900 CHF (about US$1,079 including buyer's fees). The catalog description[1] noted,
"FRANCE, Königreich, François I. 1515-1547 Ecu dor au soleil du Dauphiné o. J. (1. Emission, bis 1528). Crémieu. Vorzüglich. Etwas gewellt. (kingdom of France, Francis I, 1515-47, undated écu d'or au soleil du Dauphiné, first emission, prior to 1528, Crémieu mint, Extremely fine, Wavy planchet.)"
The second specimen was lot 72170 in Stack's Bowers Collectors Choice Online Auction (Santa Ana, CA, May 2017), where it sold for $1,057.50. The catalog description[2] noted, "FRANCE. Ecu d'Or, ND (ca.1528). Francois I (1515-47). NGC AU-58. Struck on a nice round flan with full legends on both sides. Light orange peel tone with attractive underlying luster." The third specimen was lot 1064 in Jean Elsen sale 141 (Brussels, June 2019), where it sold for €470 (about US$623 including buyer's fees). The catalog description[3] noted,
"FRANCE, Royaume, François Ier (1515-1547), AV écu d'or au soleil du Dauphiné, 1e et 3e émissions (jusqu'en 1528), point 1er, Crémieu. 1er type. D/ Champ écartelé de France-Dauphiné, sous un soleil. R/ Croix fleurdelisée. Très Beau. (kingdom of France, Francis I, 1515-47, undated gold shield of the sunburst of Dauphiné, Crémieu mint, first type. Obverse: quartered arms of France and Dauphiné beneath a sunburst; reverse: floriate cross. Very Fine.)"
Friedberg mentions nine different écus d'or au Dauphiné of which this is the first. It had a face value of 40 sols tornois. Very similar écus d'or au Dauphiné were also issued in Grenoble (Dupl-783) and Montélimar (Dupl-784). This type was issued prior to the implementation of letter mintmarks in 1540 but Grenoble would reserve the right to issue distinctive coinage into the reign of Louis XIV.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: 3.42 g, .953 fine gold, the first specimen 3.44 g, the third specimen 3,36 g.

Catalog reference: Duplessy 782; Fr-354, Ciani-1082, Laf. 645.


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