Ferrara 1655 giulio KM-82

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from the Tom Fitzgerald Collection
Papal States KM-82 rev Tom F.jpg

This type was minted in 1655 as a sede vacante issue after the death of Innocent X. The specimen shown would be quite expensive but for the hole. The marquisate of Ferrara was independent during medieval and renaissance times but fell to the papacy in 1598. A separate coinage was issued for the city in the seventeenth century. The giulio was ten baiocchi, while the piastra, the Italian equivalent of the German thaler, was 105 baiocchi (3½ testone).

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: 3.19 g, silver, .917 fine.

Catalog reference: KM-82 (listed under Papal States, Ferrara), Ber-1893.


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