Fermo 1797 2-1/2 baiocchi

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from the Tom Fitzgerald Collection
Papal States 1797Fermo 2-5 baiocchi rev Tom F.jpg

This type is listed for 1796-97 only and was struck in Fermo. The French invasion of 1796 disrupted the delicate economic balance of the Papal States and destroyed the value of the paper currency which funded it. Hard money went into hiding and the pope was forced to issue a series of copper emergency money, including this type, which substituted for the silver mezzo grosso. Temporary branch mints were opened to produce more. After 1830, five quattrini = one baiocco; 100 baiocchi = one scudo. In 1866, the currency was reformed to use centesimi and lire in order to match that of the surrounding kingdom of Italy. In 1870, the Papal States were occupied and annexed by the kingdom of Italy and coinage ceased until 1929.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: 17.2 g, copper.

Catalog reference: KM 2.1, "S P APOSTOLORUM PRINCEPS", shown here. Several other legend varieties exist, Ber-3094.


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