Egypt AH 1277(13) 2 1/2 qirsh

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Courtesy Kunker Auctions

The coin shown is a silver 2½ qirsh from the reign of Sultan Abdul Aziz. It was struck at the Cairo Mint. The obverse bears the toughra, or signature, of the sultan, with the denomination written below (abbreviated as the letter 'sh' for qirsh) with the number 2½ above. A crude floral design sits right of the toughra. The reverse carries the ascension date and the text minted in Misr (Misr is Arabic for Egypt). The date is written as AH 1277 year 13, which translates to about 1872 AD. Uslu[1] lists this issue as extremely rare.

The example shown was presented as lot 322 on Dec 13, 2011 at the Kunker Auction #199 in Osnabruck, Germany, where it sold for 240 Euros. The catalog description reads:
"OSMANISCHE MÜNZEN 'ABD AL-'AZÎZ KHAN (TÜRKEI-TÜRKISCH: ABDÜLAZIZ HAN)) 15. DHÛ I-HIJJA 1277 - 5. JUMÂDÂ II 1293 H. 25. JUNI 1861 - 30. MAI 1876, GESTORBEN 5. JUNI 1876 Silberprägungen der Münzstätte Misr (Kairo) 2 1/2 Kurush 1277 H., 13, Misr (Kairo). Mit Blume neben der Tughra. RR Sehr schön Exemplar der Sammlung Turath, Part II, Spink 138, London 1999, Nr 207 (Ottoman coins of Abdul Aziz, 1861-76, Cairo mint. Silver two and a half qirsh, AH 1277, year 13, with bloom near the toughra. Rare, very fine, from Spink's Turath sale (London, 1999), lot 207.)"

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specifications: 3.60g, 0.900 fine silver, 0.1013 ASW, this specimen 3.41 g.

Catalog reference: KM 252a; Ölcer 32.541, Pere unlisted.


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