Ecuador 1909-H 5 centavos

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
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After a period of striking reales, pesos and escudos which must be regarded as failure, Ecuador ceased minting coins in 1862. In 1884, the government tried again, this time with coinage produced on contract by the Heaton mint in Birmingham, England. A new currency conforming to the Latin Monetary Union was introduced, the sucre, with its division the centavo. Silver medio decimos (= five centavos) were produced at Heaton 1884-86 and 1915, and at Lima, Peru, 1893-1912. This copper-nickel five centavos was contracted from the Heaton mint in 1909 as a substitute for the silver half decimo, which was struck again in 1912 and 1915. This type was issued again in 1917-18 and silver was dropped from this denomination.

Recorded mintage: 2,000,000.

Specification: copper-nickel.

Catalog reference: KM 60.1.


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