Currency of the Comision Reguladora del Mercado de Henequen

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Heritage sale 141209, lot 33070
image courtesy Heritage Auction Galleries

This specimen was sold in a Heritage internet sale (Dallas, Texas, February 2012) for $50. The catalog description noted, "Mexico Comision Reguladora del Mercado de Henequen 1 Peso 20.11.1914. Frampton UNL. Similar to Frampton 4157a except that the note in this lot has a brown ink back. Fine-Very Fine." Frampton, et al., note various issues of this note dated 1914 along with a needle punched overprint from Campeche (Fr M4157b). This type is rather common. The Comision Reguladora del Mercado de Henequen was the cartel that controlled the henequen trade in the Yucatan. Disdaining the Revolution, they sealed their border with the rest of Mexico and continued their profitable exploitation of the local peasants. Henequen, better known as sisal, is the main ingredient of binder twine used for baling hay. Unlike baling wire, cattle can eat it without injury.

Recorded issue: unknown.

Catalog reference: Frampton M4157a.


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