Currency of the Banco de Aguascalientes

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1910 5 pesos, M51c
from the San Dimas Collection

five pesos

Catalog reference: Frampton M51c.

ten pesos

1910 10 pesos, M52c
from the San Dimas Collection
revenue stamp from the 10 pesos

Catalog reference: Frampton M52c.

twenty pesos

1907 20 pesos, M53b
from the San Dimas Collection

Catalog reference: Frampton M53b.


Heritage sale 3506, lot 14890
image courtesy Heritage Auction Galleries

These specimens were sold in Heritage sale 3506 (Long Beach, September 2009) for $690. The catalog description noted, "Mexico 5; 10; 20 Pesos El Banco De Aguascalientes 1910. This is a well preserved specimen trio with the 5 Pesos grading Gem CU, 3 P[unch ]O[ut ]C[ancels]; the 10 Pesos grading Gem CU, 2 POC; and the 20 Pesos, Choice CU, 2 POC. From The Giana Lynn Samantha Rose Collection." Frampton, et al., note various issues of this note dated 1902-10 along with an overprint from Guadalajara (Fr M51d, M52d, M53d). As these notes are specimens, they are not dated or signed.

Recorded issue: unknown.

Catalog reference: Pick S101s2; S102s-103s Specimens, Frampton M51s ($5), M52s ($10), M53s ($20).


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