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the Near East in 1190, from Shepherd's Atlas, showing the Seljuks of Roum

This category lists the coins issued by the Seljuqs, whether they be the Great Seljuqs, Seljuqs of Rum, or one of the smaller Seljuq-related dominions such as in Kerman or Syria. The House of Seljuq was a Sunni Muslim dynasty that began in Persia when the Seljuqs migrated southward from the areas around the Caspian and Aral Seas and conquered the Ghaznavid Empire. The Seljuq Dynasty was firmly established in Persia (which included parts of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan) by the first Great Seljuq ruler Tughril after the successful siege of Isfahan in 1050-1051 AD. Lesser Seljuq leaders, besides the Great Seljuqs, were recognized in several Persian provinces such as Hamadan and Kerman, and also in Syria. The Seljuq Dynasty was replaced by the Khwarazmian Dynasty in 1157 AD, though the Seljuqs of Rum (Anatolia) continued until the 14th century, remaining with some influence even after the Mongol invasions.