Brazil 1987 10 centavos

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
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In 1942, during the presidency of Getulio Vargas, the réis was dropped as a unit of currency after 400 years and the cruziero adopted. The cruziero itself was replaced in 1967 by the "novo cruziero," worth 1000 old cruzieros. The "novo cruziero" lasted until 1985, to be replaced the cruzado novo. This ten centavos was struck 1986-88. Five hundred metric tons of stainless steel were consumed producing these coins in 1987 and two years later they were useless. These dull, low relief stainless steel coins are very difficult to photograph.

Recorded mintage: 245,628,000.

Specification: 2.05 g, stainless steel, 17 mm diameter.

Catalog reference: KM 602.


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