Brazil 1816-B 40 reis

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
Brazil 1816B 40 reis rev 600.jpg

This specimen was struck at the Bahia mint in Brazil in 1816. The minting of copper 40 réis began in 1722 and continued sporadically thru the eighteenth century. Issues became larger and more frequent after 1802. This type was struck at Lisbon 1802-03, Bahia 1809-16 and Rio 1812-17. Large numbers were minted until 1831, well after independence. Counterfeits are numerous, particularly of the Bahia issues, which were cruder than Rio issues.

By the 1830's, so many had been issued that the public began to refuse them. In 1835, the government called them in and countermarked them to half their former value to increase their acceptance. Private and counterfeit countermarks also exist, making this series confusing but fascinating to collect.

Recorded mintage: 286,000.

Specification: copper.

Catalog reference: KM 234.2.


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