Brazil 1800-R 6400 reis

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This type was struck between 1789 and 1805 in Rio and features the bust of Maria, queen of Portugal 1786-1816. While the 6400 réis is relatively available, its fractions (3200 réis, 1600 réis and 800 réis) are much scarcer. This type was also struck in Bahia (KM 226.2) during this period. This coin was called the "joe" in English speaking countries. Spanish colonial four escudos of this period were 13.54 g, .875 fine gold, .381 troy oz AGW and traded for nearly the same value.

Recorded mintage: 214,000.

Specification: 14.34 g, .917 fine gold, .422 troy oz AGW.

Catalog reference: KM 226.1, Fr-87.


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