Bolivia 1863-PTS FP 2 soles

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Bolivia 1863 2 soles Stacks AN06672155-rz.jpg

This specimen is a two soles (nominally equal to two Mexican reales but lightweight and debased) minted at the Potosi mint in 1863. The obverse bust is of Simon Bolivar, liberator of South America and the namesake of Bolivia.

The Potosi mint produced standard weight two reales (6.77 g, .896 fine) of the colonial type until 1825. After independence, the weight was lowered to 6.2 grams (KM 95, struck 1827-29). In the 1830's and 1840's, Bolivia issued an enormous quantity of two soles debased to .667 fine, all dated 1830 (KM 95a). These coins flooded South America and were denounced by Bolivia's neighbors, to no avail. Later types struck at Potosi and La Paz are also to this standard (KM 121 thru 129, struck 1853-59). The last two soles, struck 1860-63, was 4.5 g, .903 fine silver (KM 135.2).

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: 4.5 g, .903 fine silver, .130 troy oz ASW.

Catalog reference: KM 135.2.


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