Assam SE 1667 1 rupee

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IND-ASSAM 1667SE 1rupee Pramatta N8.1-obv (2).JPG
IND-ASSAM 1667SE 1rupee Pramatta N8.1-rev (2).JPG

Assam (Ahom Kingdom) began striking coins based on the rupee system in the 1600's. The design elements were borrowed from nearby Cooch Behar, but the octagonal shape was an invention of the Assamese. The Ahom script was used up through the reign of Gadadhara Simha, after which Sanskrit was used for most issues. Saka Era (SE) dates are 78 years earlier than current year dates in Western countries.

Shown is a rupee From Pramatta Simha with inscription in Assamese.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: 10.7-11.6 g, silver.

Catalog reference: KM 122, Rhodes and Bose N8.1.


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