Ancona (1549-50) giulio

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from the Tom Fitzgerald Collection
Ancona 1549 guilio rev Tom F.jpg

This giulio was issued during the sede vacante between Paul III and Julius III. Berman describes it as "AR Giulio. SEDE VACANTE, Canopy and crossed keys over shield 90 [Sforza arms]. B: S PAVLVS mm [mintmark] 50 ANCONA, St Paul stg., shields 71 [Farnese arms] and 72 [Ancona city arms] at sides. CNI 6, S. 3-7, M. 3." The Sforza arms appear here as Guido Ascanio Cardinal Sforza was camerlengo, or caretaker, during the vacancy. Cardinal Sforza served as camerlengo again during the vacancies of 1554 and 1559. This type is likely quite rare as it is not illustrated in Berman. The piastra was 10½ giulii and the scudo was ten giulii.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: 3.30 g, .920 fine silver.

Catalog reference: Berman-979.


  • Berman, Allen G., Papal Coins, South Salem, NY: Attic Books, 1991.

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