Afganistan-Timurid No Date (AH904-907) 1 tanka

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Courtesy Steve Album

The Timurid Dynasty had one of its capitals in Herat, Afghanistan and well as Samarqand, Uzbekistan, and covered all of modern-day Iran. In addition to the above regions, Timurid rule extended to parts of contemporary Pakistan, India, Turkey, and the Caucasus. The dynasty was founded by the Turkic ruler Timur (Tamerlane) in the 14th century, coalescing into an empire by 1370 AD. It eventually weakened and was replaced by the Safavid dynasty in 1501 AD.

The specimen shown was lot 662 in Steve Album sale 16 (Santa Rosa, CA, May 2013), where it did not sell. The catalog description reads[1]:
" Lot: 662 - TIMURID: Badi' al-Zaman, rebel at Balkh, 1499-1502, AR tanka (4.69g), Balkh, ND, A-B2444, countermarked beh bud balkh in lobated rectangular cartouche on Sultan Ahmad, MM, DM (A-2452.2), about VF mark on F host, RR, ex Ruud Schüttenhelm collection. There is a second countermark, type A-2438 of Sultan Husayn, used AH895-906, thus well before Badi' al-Zaman became king, but quite clearly applied later than that of Badi' al-Zaman. This piece seems to vindicate the assumption that this countermark applied to Badi al-Zaman's rebellion AH905-908, not to his reign as king, AH911-914, although it is conceivable that it was applied during both periods."

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: 4.69g, silver.

Catalog reference: A-2452.2.


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