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from the Mountain Groan Collection
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In 1949 the Mexico City mint issued the world's first onza to modest success. It tried again in 1980 with a resurrection of the 1949 design. In 1982 the medallion (technically, Libertads are not coins) was redesigned to use the obverse from the 1921 two pesos. The weight was reduced and the fineness increased from .925 to .999 silver. The medallion was an immediate hit. It was the only silver bullion coin on the market for several years and, backed by the Mexican government, outcompeted private mint issues. It inspired imitations such as the U. S. silver eagle (from 1986) and the Canadian Maple Leaf (from 1988) which have cut into its market share to the point where several of the later dates are downright rare. Fractionals, including this 1/20 ounce, are much scarcer. The type is recorded for 1996-2013.

Recorded mintage: 7,000 + 3,300 proofs.

Specification: 1.55 g, .999 fine silver, 0.05 troy oz ASW, 16 mm diameter, reeded edge.

Catalog reference: KM 609.


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