Mexico 1878-Mo centavo

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
Mexico 1878Mo centavo rev 600.jpg

This specimen is one of a type struck in Mexico 1869-81 and 1886-97. In addition to the normal date, 1878/5, 1878/6 and 1878/7 varieties are recorded. Mexico City struck this type every year and is by far the largest producer. Altho later dates (after 1886) are available in nice condition, the early dates do not turn up often. Guadalajara, Potosi and Zacatecas also struck centavos in 1878. No mintmasters' initials appear on the copper coinage.

Recorded mintage: 1,900,000.

Specification: 8 g, copper, 25 mm diameter, reeded edge.

Catalog reference: KM 391.6.


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