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Welcome to CoinFactsWiki!

We'll write our own condensed help soon that hits on the most important points of editing this wiki, but in the meantime you can use [1] to find all the info you'll need on the software (plus a bunch you probably don't!).

How to Post Images

  • Click “special pages” on the left toolbar
  • Choose your file, and give it a filename and summary for the wiki

Once the image is uploaded, you can add it to a post with [[image:PCGS_Logo.png]] for an image uploaded with a filename of PCGS_Logo.png. The filename is case sensitive.

Or, a much simpler way:

Include [[image:filename.jpg]] for an image you haven’t uploaded yet in an article you’re editing, then after saving the article, click the created link to easily upload that image.

How to Create an External Link

Place the entire URL of the external page within brackets. To create alternate text for the link, add text within the brackets, immediately following the URL address. Separate the URL address and the alternate text with a space (otherwise the URL address will not work).

For example, if you enter the following within brackets [ ]: Follow this external link to learn more about coins

this is what you'll get: Follow this external link to learn more about coins