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Welcome to CoinFactsWiki!

We'll write our own condensed help soon that hits on the most important points of editing this wiki, but in the meantime you can use [1] to find all the info you'll need on the software (plus a bunch you probably don't!).

How to Post Images

  • Click “special pages” on the left toolbar
  • Choose your file, and give it a filename and summary for the wiki

Once the image is uploaded, you can add it to a post with %5b%5bimage:PCGS_Logo.png%5d%5d for an image uploaded with a filename of PCGS_Logo.png. The filename is case sensitive.

Or, a much simpler way:

Include File:Filename.jpg for an image you haven’t uploaded yet in an article you’re editing, then after saving the article, click the created link to easily upload that image.