Guatemala 1925 1/4 quetzal

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
Guatemala 1925 quarter quetzal rev 600.jpg

The quetzal was introduced as a currency reform in 1925 to replace the peso. This type was struck 1925 only, along with a quetzal (KM 242), 1/2 quetzal (KM 241), 10 centavos (KM 239), 5 centavos (KM 238) and 1 centavo (KM 237). The quetzal and half quetzal were replaced by banknotes; the others were struck at their weight standards until 1964. The curious .720 silver alloy seems to have been inspired by the contemporary Mexican silver 50 centavos (KM 447, struck 1919-45). At 8.33 g, .720 fine, it matches the quarter quetzal exactly. There is a rare variety for 1925 wherein the engraver's name, "NOBLES," does not appear. The next year the coin was redesigned.

Recorded mintage: 1,160,000.

Specification: 8.333 g, .720 fine silver, .192 troy oz ASW.

Catalog reference: KM 240.1.


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