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The numismatics of the bronze coinage of the First Republic is complex. For the five centimes, the first issue (An 4-5) was 5 g, 23 mm diameter and was immediately rejected by the populace along with the 10 g décime (10 centimes) and the 20 g double décime (20 centimes). During An 5, the government tried again with larger coins, increasing the 5 centimes to 10 g and the décime to 20 g and abandoning the double décime. The revised types met with some success and they were issued in substantial numbers until An 9. Leftover stocks of light weight décimes were overstruck into 5 centimes and double décimes converted into décimes. In all, about 140 million were produced for the type. They circulated until the 1850's and today few are found in Very Fine or better.

During An 7, this type was struck at Paris ("A"), Strasbourg ("BB"), Lyon ("D"), Bordeaux ("K") and Lille ("W"). Paris produced the majority. The catalog[1] notes a regular date and two overdates, An 7/6 and An 7/5, as well as several overmintmarks, A/B and A/R. The specimen shown appears to be An 7/5. It is possible that the rooster privy mark is punched over a cornucopia but it is not certain.

Recorded mintage: unknown but common.

Specification: bronze, 10 g, 28 mm diameter.

Catalog reference: F.101/25, KM xx.

close up of date and privy marks


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