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* [[France 1854-MA 2 centimes|1854-MA 2 centimes Napoleon III "bare head"]]
* [[France 1877-A 2 centimes|1877-A 2 centimes]]
* [[France 1878-A centime|1878-A centime]]
* [[France 1878-A centime|1878-A centime]]
* [[France 1878-A 10 centimes|1878-A 10 centimes]]
* [[France 1878-A 10 centimes|1878-A 10 centimes]]

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
France 1878A 2 centimes rev DSLR.jpg

The specimen shown is a two centimes, Cérès head, of a type struck under the Third Republic of France 1877-97. The majority, including this one, are Paris mint issues but Bordeaux produced this type in 1878. There are 23 dates in the series, none rare. The 1878-A is a better date compared to the common issues of the 1890's but is not scarce. The total production for the series is about ten million, compared to 58 million Napoleon III "bare head" 2 centimes (1853-57) and 33 million "laureate head" 2 centimes (1861-62). The Cérès head was replaced by the "Marianne" head designed by Daniel-Dupuis (struck 1898-1920). All the bronze two centimes pieces were demonetized in 1940.

Recorded mintage: 600,000.

Specification: 2 g, bronze, 20 mm diameter, plain edge, designed by Eugéne-André Oudiné (1810-1887).

Catalog reference: Gad-105, F.109/17, KM 827.1.


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