France 1854-A centime

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CNG Lissner sale, part of lot 466
from the Mountain Groan Collection
France 1854A centime rev DSLR.jpg

This specimen was part of lot 466 in Classical Numismatic Group's sale of the Lissner Collection (Chicago, July 2014), where it sold for $786.50. The catalog description[2] noted, "FRANCE, Empire. Lot of eight (8) CU and AR Denominations. Lot includes the following denominations: ...Second Empire. Napoléon III. 1852-1870. CU Centime à la tête nue. Paris mint; différents: dog’s head and hand. Jacques-Jean Barre, engraver general. CH.-Louis Dierickx, director. Dated 1854 A. In NGC encapsulation graded MS 62 RB. Nice faintly toned UNC with lots of red...." The regime of Napoleon III finally carried out plans developed during the 1840's to melt down and remint all the old copper circulating in France, some of it dating back to before the Revolution of 1789. Several branch mints were reopened for this purpose. The existing mints were Paris ("A"), Strasbourg ("BB") and Bordeaux ("K"); the reopened mints were Lille ("W"), Marseilles ("MA"), Rouen ("B") and Lyon ("D"). The one centime is the second rarest of the bronze denominations of Napoleon III, tho none are rare.

Specification: bronze, 1 g, 15 mm diameter, plain edge, designed by Jean-Jacques Barré (1793-1855). This specimen Ø15 mm, 1.00 g, 6h axis.

Recorded Mintage: 2,995,017[1], a fairly common date but better than 1853-A or 1854-MA.

Catalog reference: F.102/9, Gad-86; KM 775.1.


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