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* [[France 1750-D 1/10 ecu|1750-D 1/10 ''écu au bandeau'']]
* [[France 1750-D 1/10 ecu|1750-D 1/10 ''écu au bandeau'']]
* [[France 1749-C ecu|1749-C ''écu au bandeau'']]
* [[France 1749-C ecu|1749-C ''écu au bandeau'']]
* [[France 1749-W louis d'or|1749-W ''louis d'or au bandeau'']]
* [[France 1750-CC louis d'or|1750-CC ''louis d'or au bandeau'']]
* [[France 1755-9 ecu|1755-9 ''écu au bandeau'']]
* [[France 1755-9 ecu|1755-9 ''écu au bandeau'']]
* [[Coins and currency dated 1750]]
* [[Coins and currency dated 1750]]

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
France 1750A ecu rev DSLR.jpg
close up of the date

This product of the Paris mint is common. The écu au bandeau is the most popular coin of the ancien regime of France among collectors. Alhéritière and Deswelle[2] reported 575 dates for this type in 2004; three more have been published since. An additional 215 dates may exist; records show they were minted but no one has found one. Four dates are known which the archives state should not exist. Of these only two dozen or so are classed as common (20 or more examples known), while 481 dates are known from five or fewer examples.

Recorded mintage: 55,137.

Specification: 29.45 g, .917 fine silver, 39 mm diameter.

Catalog reference: Dav-1331; KM-512.1; Gad-322, Dr/4 no. 820, Dr/2 no. 584.


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