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Sincona sale 54, lot 355
This specimen was lot 355 in Sincona sale 54 (Zurich, May 2019), where it sold for 1,200 CHF (about US$1,428 including buyer's fees). The catalog description[2] noted,
"Frankreich, konigreich, Louis XV. 1715-1774. Louis dor mirliton 1723 K, Bordeaux. Vorzüglich. Kleiner Schrötlingsfehler. (kingdom of France, Louis XV, 1715-74, gold louis Mirliton of 1723, Bordeaux mint. Extremely fine, Minor flan defect.)"
The specimen shown is a louis d'or Mirliton, palmes courtes, struck at the Bordeaux mint (mintmark "K") during the minority of king Louis XV. This type was struck 1723 only but from twenty-seven mints. It would be extremely rare but for a quantity recovered in 1965 from the wreck of Le Chameau, a French troopship discovered off the coast of Nova Scotia. This type was superseded by the louis d'or Mirliton, palmes longues, struck 1723-25. That coin in turn was superseded by the louis d'or aux lunettes, struck 1726-40.

Gad-338: Louis d'or mirliton, palmes courtes, R, TTB 1800. m. , TTB 1200.

Recorded mintage: est. 86,000[1].

Specification: 6.52 g, .917 fine gold, 22-23 mm diameter, corded edge, designed by Norbert Roéttiers, this specimen 6.46 g.

Catalog reference: Dr/4 no. 798, Gadoury 338. Fr-459.


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