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* [[France 1651-I 1/2 ecu|1651-I ''demi-écu à la mèche longue'']]
* [[France 1651-I 1/2 ecu|1651-I ''demi-écu à la mèche longue'']]
* [[France 1652-B 1/2 ecu|1652-B ''demi-écu à la mèche longue'']]
* [[France 1652-I 1/2 ecu|1652-I ''demi-écu à la mèche longue'']]
* [[France 1652-I 1/2 ecu|1652-I ''demi-écu à la mèche longue'']]
* [[France 1652-A ecu|1652-A ''écu à la mèche longue'']]
* [[France 1652-A ecu|1652-A ''écu à la mèche longue'']]

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from Stack's Bowers 2016 ANA sale, lot 20423
France SB816-20423r.jpg

The specimen shown is a demi-écu a la mèche longue (half ecu with the long hair) from the Montpellier mint. It is one of a series struck 1646-60 from numerous mints and varies from the earlier demi-écu a la mèche courte by the length of the lock of hair over the king's ear. Its face value at the time of issue in France was thirty sols tournois. The type is common but this date is priced[1] about 50% more tahn the most common date (1652-G). This specimen was lot 20423 in Stack's Bowers ANA sale (Anaheim, CA, August 2016), where it sold for $1,116.25. The catalog description[2] noted, "FRANCE. 1/2 Ecu, 1652-N. Montpellier Mint. Louis XIV (1643-1715). NGC MS-64. Juvenile portrait and struck the last year of his mother's regency. The only piece graded by NGC for this date and mint mark combination, and easily one of the finest preserved examples regardless of mint or date. Predominantly white with a thin veneer of gray toning. For Sun King enthusiasts, a piece that is sure to provide tremendous satisfaction once acquired."

Recorded mintage: 128,390[1].

Specification: 13.72 g, .917 fine silver, 31 to 32 mm diameter, plain edge, engraved by Jean Warin.

Catalog reference: Dr/4 no. 527, Dr/2 no. 301, KM-164.14; Gad-169.


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