Durango 1828 1/8 real

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from the San Dimas Collection
Durango 1828 octavo rev JS2.jpg
a counterfeit, from the San Dimas Collection
Durango 1828 octavo rev JS.jpg

This specimen is one of a series of copper eighth reales issued 1828 by the state of Durango. It is among the less common "octavos" of the state, which issued the denomination 1824-54.

The Mexican constitution reserved the right to coin gold and silver to the federal government but granted the right to mint copper to the states, which right they used and abused. For some states, this was a major source of revenue as the metal content was much less than the face value. For others, it was an opportunity to thumb their noses at the central government by proclaiming their "free and sovereign" status.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: copper.

Catalog reference: KM 321, DB-210[2].


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