Burma 1980 25 pyas

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
Burma 1980 25 pyas rev DSLR.jpg

Burma began striking coins in the 1800's, under the northern kings of Mindon and Thibaw. At the time, the British were pushing east from India, eventually taking over the region. Burma saw Japanese occupation during World War II, after which the British granted it independence. In 1962 a military junta took over and eventually reformed the country as a socialist enterprise. Since then the country has only slowly emerged from extreme isolation.

This twenty-five pyas is an F.A.O. issue for 1980. Burma also issued five, ten, twenty-five pyas and one kyat coins for the F.A.O. tho not all in 1980. In 1999, the country was renamed Myanmar.

Recorded mintage: unknown but common.

Specification: 4.30 g, bronze, 22.35 mm diameter, reeded edge.

Catalog reference: KM 48.


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