Bern 1798 4 kreuzer

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
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Bern, one of the cantons of Switzerland, struck coins fairly steadily throughout the eighteenth century altho thalers are scarce. The coinage was interrupted by Napoleonic occupation but resumed in 1817. In 1839, the coinage was decimalized to 100 centimes = one franc and one, two, four, ten and twenty-five centimes were issued, all in billon. This type was struck 1717, 1754 and 1765-98 and this is the most common date. Four kreuzer = 1 batzen = 1/40 of a thaler. In 1848, Bern was incorporated into the reformed Swiss Confederation and coinage for the individual cantons ceased.

Recorded mintage: unknown but not rare.

Specification: billon (low grade silver).

Catalog reference: KM 87.


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